How Mitrix Technology Delivers Market-Leading Solutions for Healthcare

Jan 03, 2023

Mitrix Technology specializes in healthcare software development and has solid industry expertise. We help medical institutions to digitize their old workflows and reduce time spent on mundane routines. With our solutions, customers get rid of human errors, technical issues, and delayed equipment delivery. The article explains how Mitrix Technology ensures excellence in software development for healthcare.

Meet Andrei Martsinkevich, a Full-Stack Developer at Mitrix Technology. He has an overall 11 years of development experience and 9 years in healthcare software development specifically. On top of that, he is the lead developer on Synapse PDI’s projects, which we will review later in the article.


Andrei’s expertise has helped us wrap up the key things about medical software development. Keep reading to learn about the specifics of healthcare software development and Mitrix Technology’s cases of launching successful medical products.

Specifics of Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare organizations have a vital mission, and it is challenging to interrupt their duties with the software change. Changes lead to training and onboarding of the entire personnel, which takes time. That’s why the healthcare industry is changing slowly.


Healthcare is one of the oldest industries in the US. At the same time, it is huge and clumsy. Frequently, healthcare organizations need help changing paradigms. They are used to working with Excel sheets and exchanging data via email. Another peculiar thing is the systemic use of outdated software that developers don’t want to learn.

© Andrei Martsinkevich, a Full-Stack Developer at Mitrix Technology


Conversely, regulations, such as HIPAA, make it hard to take a step forward or enter the industry. The US government cares about patient data safety and prevents leaks.

According to Andrei’s professional experience, we highlight three key things to keep in mind while working on healthcare software:

  1. Data and security;
  2. Online payment;
  3. Developer shortage.

Let’s look at them closely.

Data and Security

The fundamental regulation behind healthcare software development is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), a public law controlling electronic healthcare procedures.

HIPAA legislation aims at ensuring data privacy and preventing leaks of any health information that can be linked to a particular individual. More than the security of personal details is required, as the sensitive information circulates in phone calls, emails, project logs, and other locations.

PHI (Protected Health Information) stays at the center of attention. It assumes any information that can identify a patient. Developers must focus on the safety of such data as:

  • Billing details sent to a medical institution;
  • Scheduled appointments;
  • Emails containing treatment and prescription details;
  • Blood pressure test results;
  • Phone calls.

In our apps, we focus on the UI design that allows certain users to view only certain data types. It is called permissions. We also hide patient data from log files. We are also HIPAA compliant from the start and set up regular HIPAA risk assessments. 

© Andrei Martsinkevich, a Full-Stack Developer at Mitrix Technology

Online Payment

Payment methods are complicated in many industries operating in the B2C market. In the case of the US healthcare system, we expect people to have insurance coverage, HSAs, or copays. Software needs to reflect the typical ways patients pay for their medical services.

Developer Shortage

The typical healthcare software development challenge is the lack of teams to onboard a sophisticated project. It is often a mutual situation.

Healthcare organizations struggle to delegate workflow planning to a third party because of the enormous volumes of sensitive patient data. The best way to find the right team is to research the industry-specific portfolio cases. Mitrix Technology has them ready for you!

Mitrix Technology Healthcare Portfolio:
Synapse PDI Cases

Synapse PDI, a US-based company, delivers centralized platforms for medical institutions. There, representatives of medical equipment suppliers, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations connect, interact, and accomplish tasks comprehensively in a remote mode.

Mitrix Technology’s long-term partner, Synapse PDI, has already launched several industry-leading medical products with our help.

Synapse PDI cases include:

  • DME (Durable Medical Equipment) Hub. This product became the most trusted DME network in the USA. Mitrix Technology converted all processes into a mobile-friendly digital format and provided a smooth online order placement process and shipment monitoring.
  • Room&Board platform. The platform aims to give complete control over hospice Medicaid room and board payments. With Mitrix Technology and Synapse’s collaborative effort, the Room&Board web version for general use and a desktop application for internal operations were launched. The platform now offers flawless patient and billing data exchange between Hospice and Skilled Nursing Facilities. Room&Board solution for Synapse PDI is an ongoing project maintained by Mitrix Technology. It is an entirely new product that offers reliable communication and payment management.
  • Dispatch module. Initially, as a part of the DME Hub project, Dispatch acts as a robust and independent product. This module automates equipment rental management, invoicing, and payment process. Mitrix Technology has built advanced order management and tracking to provide Synapse with helpful analytics. The system recommends profitable items to rent or purchase for long-term use.

Mitrix Technology maintains an ongoing fruitful partnership with Synapse PDI, developing new products and extending the functionality of existing solutions.

 What Synapse PDI says about collaboration with Mitrix Technology:

We sought a company that could help us develop our software at a faster rate and a scalable cost. Thanks to Mitrix Technology, our software’s the complete picture. Besides, they fit our culture, which enables us to work internationally. We’ve never had a budget issue with them. Mitrix Technology delivers projects to us on time. We haven’t had any issues with their response time, costs, or efficiency. Overall, their service exceeds our expectations.

© Andy Perl, Chief Operating Officer at Synapse Health

Read full review on Clutch

At Mitrix Technology, we are eager to welcome more ambitious tasks regarding medical software development. We love to figure out how to consolidate sophisticated data and make healthcare processes smoother.

In our work, we focus on making the operation of medical staff:

  • Less time-consuming;
  • Free from technical issues;
  • Free from messy billing and payment;
  • Centralized, and transparent.

Final Thoughts

In healthcare, software development takes patience. Developers must closely research the old ways of performing operations, the tools integrated into the workflows, and the significance of all the operations for the caretaker. Above all, the US government regulates healthcare strictly and imposes multiple rules on the digital solutions used by organizations.

Mitrix Technology team provides consulting on every stage of medial software development and offers optimal business solutions to healthcare organizations all over the globe. With our industry-specific expertise, we can turn any tedious routine into a pleasant digital experience!

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