Centralized platform for hospitals, medical facilities, and equipment suppliers

A case study about developing the most reliable durable medical equipment network in the USA.

Centralized platform for hospitals, medical facilities, and equipment suppliers

The client

In this project, Mitrix Technology’s client was Synapse PDI (USA), a medical data integration company. Synapse PDI connects healthcare organizations, patients, and DME providers. They offer two main products: dmehub and the room&board platform.


The client needed an effective way to manage durable medical equipment (DME) processing between DME suppliers, skilled nursing facilities (SNF), and hospice facilities.


Mitrix Technology was hired to create a centralized platform that would simplify medical equipment processing from any location or device and provide medical organizations with data and analytics to lower costs and increase efficiency.


Each hospital or hospice works with dozens of providers. They must order equipment in a timely and accurate manner, track shipments, make payments, and coordinate returns.

Previously, there were large departments within hospitals and hospice facilities that organized delivery, billing, and payment for the rental of medical equipment. This system was outdated and inefficient, leading to numerous problems.

Main problems

  • Long order processing
  • Numerous bugs
  • Frequent loss of orders
  • Delays in the supply of equipment
  • Difficulties with billing and payment
  • Accounting performed by suppliers of rental equipment

The Mitrix team had to convert all processes into an electronic format. It was very important to enable the functionality to order equipment online, quickly check the status of equipment using mobile devices, and promptly resolve any problems associated with data processing.



  • The simple online ordering process
  • Real-time alerts for discharged rentals
  • Integrated cross-reference electronic medical records
  • Industry-leading reports and analytics
  • Simple invoicing and reconciliation tools
  • Smart inventory solutions
  • Integrated dispatching and delivery tracking solutions


There are 3 integrated Synapse PDI projects:

  • SynapsePDI dmehub – a centralized platform for DME needs processing
  • SynapsePDI Dispatch- a module to manage equipment rental delivery
  • SynapsePDI Inventory – a program to manage suppliers’ inventory

Mitrix Technology engineers helped to create the most reliable DME network in the USA. As a result,

  • 93% of delivery orders are completed by our suppliers within 6 hours.
  • 8% of orders are completed issue-free without entering our QA Tracker.
  • Speed of order creation has increased 84% over manually entered patient records.
  • Actionable reporting has reduced annual equipment spending up to 25%.
  • An average of 85% of SNF orders are entered directly into the portal.



Angular and Angularjs,
Angular Material,


asp.net web.api, asp.net  core, Azure Functions.
Ef and Ef.core,
ms SQL

Customer`s voice

Their team’s flexible and understands our needs for communicating in different ways.

Andy Perl, CEO SynapsePDI

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