Mastering Learning and School Management Systems with Mitrix Technology

Jan 12, 2023

Mitrix Technology prioritizes educational software of great complexity and scale. Under our belt, we have sound expertise in developing stable and robust school and learning management systems, such as those designed for a Swiss private school Academic Gateway. The article will use the platforms as an example of the undeniable e-learning development success.

 Academic Gateway is a leading Swiss private school based in Zurich. It offers essential high-school courses like Science, Economics, Language, and Arts, using the latest teaching methodologies, and prepares students for admissions to a university. When the school’s administration realized a strong need for a flexible and intuitive school management system, they invited Mitrix Technology to develop it.

What exactly is a school management system?

School Management Software (SMS), also known as Student Management Software, allows school administration to digitize and automate educational processes and manage them in a single environment. Its feature set starts from faculty and student management and may go all the way to inventory management.

Academic Gateway, an application for student management and activity tracking developed by Mitrix Technology, is a  bright example of a highly-functional school management system. Now, it helps school administrators to manage campuses in different cities. But the primary purpose behind it was tracking student attendance and performance to assign them particular benefits. At the moment, students were already using electronic pass cards scanned when entering and leaving the classroom.

Alexander Kravchuk – a Delivery Manager and Solution Architect at Mitrix Technology, who fostered the success of the Academic Gateway project.

With a thorough analysis of all student data sources, Mitrix Technology developed a powerful tool for attendance data storage and analytics. The app allows Academic Gateway to instantly transmit attendance data from students’ electronic cards and get end-to-end analytics about their entire journey at school.

School management system developed by Mitrix Technology for Academic Gateway primarily solves the following tasks:

  • Collection and storage of student attendance data (manually or by scanning the electronic cards);
  • School and student data organization;
  • Attendance data analysis and reporting.

After a while, Academic Gateway decided to go for a full-scale learning management system with Mitrix Technology. Let’s take a look at learning management systems and how they differ from school management software.

Learning Management System (LMS) is a gem of e-learning software. It allows educational institutions and other organizations to administer their processes digitally, use advanced analytics to reveal learning gaps and facilitate constant improvement of the learning or teaching experience.

SMSs frequently contain LMS features. Even so, at root, SMS focuses on managing the school, its operations, finances, inventory, and schedule. From a different angle, LMS prioritizes monitoring student learning progress and teaching experience.

Asismo is a learning automation solution developed for Academic Gateway by Mitrix Technology. The private school aims at reaching the highest competitive advantage for their students, future prospective undergraduates. Thus, the learning path is the primary subject for perfection.

Andrei Ostrovsky a Lead Front-End Developer at Mitrix Technology, standing behind the Asismo’s exceptional interface.

Besides striving to get an intuitive, automated LMS, which would reduce the costs of using other products and fit the school’s individual needs, Academic Gateway planned to build a white-label solution to offer to the market.

As a learning management system, Asismo solves the following tasks:

  • Automation of learning processes;
  • Integration of modern learning technologies;
  • Provide equal opportunities for online and offline studies;
  • Management of supplementary course materials;
  • Organize course topics;
  • Teacher and student schedule synchronization.

For Asismo, Mitrix Technology only focuses on the latest technologies. Academic Gateway can now video record offline lectures in real-time and make them available for watching directly from the LMS. Another advanced feature is the recognition of correct answers, best described by Andrei:

The correct answer must be counted regardless of whether it is written in upper or lower case. Also, the system should consider the possibility of grammatical errors or typos in the answer and count the correct answer even if they exist. To do this, we developed our algorithm based on Levenshtein distance, which determined the correctness of the answer.

 © Andrei Ostrovsky – a Lead Front-End Developer at Mitrix Technology

The sophistication of this technology aims at one single thing – uncovering students’ intellectual potential to the fullest by relieving their stress.

Asismo is an ongoing project at Mitrix Technology. Its team encounters five professionals: a .net developer, a front-end developer, a business analyst, a QA engineer, and a delivery manager. However, we needed two back-end and two front-end developers for the initial stage.

Wrapping Up

Development of school and learning management software may take a while because the team will need to research all roles, data sources, and processes within the organization. But it is worth it. Improved business processes will lead to higher employee and student satisfaction rates and improved performance.

Mitrix Technology builds e-learning software development solutions based on the primary needs of the customer. Every institution is unique and requires a personalized approach. With our technical and business professionals team, we get the most out of the educational process!

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