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We help developers to find a direct remote job abroad.

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We connect developers and
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Are you an experienced developer who is looking for professional and personal growth? Maybe Google, Apple, and Microsoft are waiting for you to join their next project!

What are the benefits of working directly with a remote employer?

you may choose a company and a project to work at
your work time will be extremely flexible
you deal only with your employer avoiding double management
you get all the money paid by the employer

Why Mitrix Connect?

What we do

We invite developers who are interested in direct cooperation with a western employer and form a pool of professionals in different frameworks.
We monitor offers for hiring remote developers, contact employers, send them a resume of Software Engineers according to the requests, organize interviews, and provide consulting services.

What you get

You get a desirable job without endless job search and applying attempts. We quickly match you with the employers related to your qualification and preferences.
You receive full payment according to the rate set with the employing company. No excessive management or hidden fees. You will be charged only after signing a contract on a monthly basis.

Vetting process

Application review
Short English test
Live interview
Tech interview


  • How are you different from outstaff companies?

    With Mitrix, the developer enters directly into a contract with the employer and is fully responsible for the work performed. Mitrix simply matches an employer with a developer and provides consulting services.

  • What is your advantage?

    The Software Engineer receives full payment according to the rate set with the employing company. Developers don’t have to deal with any excessive management or hidden fees. They receive all of the benefits provided by their employer.

  • How are you looking for employers?

    Through our proprietary software, Leadguru, an automated social selling platform that finds vacancies for developers in professional communities, we contact employers who have posted vacancies, clarify the details of the position, and send resumes of appropriate candidates.

  • How much do your services cost?

    A developer will be charged a fixed percentage of their salary monthly.
    There is another option for those who want to continue work directly with the client: a developer can pay a fixed fee and terminate an agreement with Mitrix.

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