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What we do to augment your team

Invite developers and form a pool of professionals

Provide CVs of developers who fit your project

Check developers' skills and experience

Organize interviews with chosen candidates

Arrange personal interviews with each of our developers

Provide consulting and support

Team augmentation benefits

No overhead
  • No recruitment and orientation costs
  • No expenses related to managing in-house resources
  • No procurement needed
No staffing risks
  • No wrong hires
  • No talent churn
  • No paid-time-off losses
No HR issues
  • No employee adaptation lags
  • No lack of skill and experience
  • No under- or overstaffing

Why Mitrix Technologies?

Mitrix works only with highly professional candidates. You’ll never have to worry about their expertise level.

You will be able to choose among 2-3 successful candidates who are best suited to your needs.

You will receive a specialist who agrees to your conditions and is ready to work for your company.

You will be able to close job openings very quickly.

You can rest assured that your new specialist will be able to complete all of the tasks you need.

You will receive candidates from among leading specialists who may not be available through an open search.


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Review the developer CVs we send.

Conduct interviews.

Choose your employee.

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FAQ for Team Augmentation Services

What is the difference between team augmentation and outsourcing?

The key difference between team augmentation services and project outsourcing is that with the former, you are purchasing engineering resources while maintaining full and direct control over your team. In the case of outsourcing, you are paying for a specific outcome, and sharing the burden of risk with the outsourcing vendor, but without direct control over certain aspects of the development process.

What is the difference between team augmentation and managed services?

Software development team augmentation is used to outsource specific tasks and functions to a vendor. The managed services model outsources the entire solution to a third-party vendor. Team augmentation services allow you rapidly scale specific functions, while managed IT services suit the long-term handling of processes like infrastructure or security.

Why choose Mitrix Technology as a partner for IT resource and staff augmentation services?

Our vast experience in resource and staff augmentation services has proven us to be a reliable IT partner. We have access to a massive pool of developers in Eastern Europe and provide our clients with constant support to help them manage augmented teams efficiently. The recruitment is flexible — clients are free to expand or reduce teams upon request.

What are your hourly rates?

You will negotiate the amount of payment individually with the developer.

What level of English do your developers have?

We test the English level of all candidates and offer you only those who are fluent to ensure optimal communication.

What is your vetting process?

Our vetting process includes the following stages:

1. Application review
2. Short English test
3. Live interview
4. Tech interview

Where are your developers located?

Our developers are located in Poland, Georgia, and many other countries.

Will I be able to interview and test a candidate?

Absolutely. If necessary, we will help arrange an interview.

What our partners say

Mike Waldron

Founder, ViaPoint

They’ve consistently and always complete tasks on time. They’re willing to challenge us and use their technical expertise to drive us to the best possible solution. The quality of their code has helped us impress several customers.


Christian Nielsen

CPO, uQualio

MITRIX has managed to find people who match our requirements even for ad hoc work on an hourly basis. They’re already knowledgeable, which cuts down the time necessary to explain how the platform should work. Their team is experienced and understands the app.

Juerg Gubler

ICT Leader, Vivatum

Mitrix has great experience, not only on the programming side but also on our requirements. It was a great support in completing the project.

Andreas Neumann

COO, Use2go GmbH

I like the level of quality development that they provide and how dedicated they are to our project. We’ve been able to acquire new clients and have impressed our investors.

Our representatives

Igar Volan

Business Development Manager

Mila Chekanovskaya

Account Manager

Alex Chebotarevich

Business Development Manager

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