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Mitrix Connect provides a pool of experienced developers who are proficient in various technologies. Recruiting programmers using Mitrix is the fastest and most effective way to satisfy your need for qualified employees. You won’t have to delve into technical details or spend hours reviewing resumes to find appropriate candidates to interview.

Why Mitrix Connect?

You will have complete confidence in your new employee, knowing that they have passed a comprehensive test demonstrating their skills and experience.
You will be able to choose among 2-3 successful candidates who are best suited to yourneeds.
You will receive a specialist who agrees to your conditions and is ready to work for your company.
You will be able to close job positions very quickly.
You can rest assured that your new specialist will be able to handle all of your tasks.
You will receive candidates from among leading specialists who may not be available through an open search.

How can I start working with Mitrix?

  • Fill out the form below.
  • Provide details when we contact you.
  • Review the developer CVs we send.
  • Conduct interviews.
  • Choose your employee.


  • How are you different from outstaffing agencies?

    We are not an outstaffing agency. You contract with the employee directly. We only help you find the right candidate.

  • What are your hourly rates?

    You will negotiate the amount of payment individually with the developer.

  • What is the English level your developers have?

    We test the English level of all candidates and offer you only those who are fluent to ensure optimal communication.

  • What is your vetting process?

    Our vetting process includes the following stages:

    1. Application review
    2. Short English test
    3. Live interview
    4. Tech interview

  • Where are your developers located?

    Most of our developers are located in Eastern Europe.

  • Will I be able to interview and test a candidate?

    Absolutely. If necessary, we will help arrange an interview.

  • How much does it cost?

    Write to us. Maybe you will be surprised!

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