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We build and run custom cloud-native applications to accelerate business growth and provide serverless development from architecture to implementation and support.

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Cloud-native approach advantages

Reduces equipment costs
Reduces development
and support costs
Allows flexible use of system resources depending on the load
AWS cloud-native development
GCP cloud-native application development
Azure cloud-native software development
Digital Ocean cloud-native development
Digital Ocean
Kubernetes cloud native app development
Terraform cloud native application development services
Pulumi cloud-native application development
Cloudformation cloud native development services


Cloud consulting

Process improvements and automation

Cloud Development (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Migration from on-premise to cloud

Architecture development

Cloud management and monitoring

How we do it

Cloud consulting

Cloud Development (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Architecture development

Process improvements and automation

Migration from on-premise to cloud

Cloud management and monitoring

Our key domains

Enterprise, Healthcare, FinTech, E-Commerce, Education, IoT, Media, Logistics.

Healthcare. Serving the entire healthcare delivery chain, we help to enable true value-based care and connect patients to providers in a whole new way.
Health Care
FinTech. From e-payments to online trading to digital banking, we bring in our multi-sided competencies to join forces with those who are disrupting financial services today.
Logistics. We’re excited to see businesses empowered with our industry-specific logistics solutions.
News & Media Publishing. We help not only to deliver content to your readers and viewers via powerful portals but to monetize it through subscriptions, sell-side platform integrations and more.
IoT. IoT web application development is at the heart of what we do here, empowering our clients with smart diagnostics, maintenance, and customer experience systems.
E-Commerce. Together with brands and tech startups, we are shaping the digital retail of tomorrow through eCommerce innovation and deep consumer awareness.
Social Networking. We fall on web-based application development to bring people together wherever they are – at home, workplace, public spaces, you name it.
EdTech. Bringing knowledge through technologies is our true passion. For this, we capitalize on expertise in e-learning, content management and communication solutions.

Other services

Our projects

A school attendance tracking app


A private school needed to better track the attendance of its students. This problem could not be solved in-house due to the lack of a unified system for storing students’ attendance information, payments, etc.


Mitrix Technology built a system that collects, stores, and analyses students’ attendance data. All students have electronic cards, which they scan after entering the classroom and before leaving it. A tablet in each classroom collects the scanned data and transfers it to the web server.

A single travel booking widget for multiple websites


The client had many stand-alone websites with different booking widgets on each. Any software changes had to be deployed to all websites, making editing and testing very time-consuming.


Mitrix came up with a brilliant idea: one widget for all websites. The new widget, which allows editing on all websites at once, was connected to many websites using HTML iFrame. Mitrix saved the client time and improved their productivity.

Digital Out-Of-Home cloud-based digital ads platform


The client needed a sophisticated digital out-of-home platform that could create, control, and display digital ads across various devices. This platform would be used to display advertisements on Digital Signage and Social WiFi interfaces.


Mitrix created a web-based platform and a mobile app for Android devices. Both accounts should be interconnected with hardware like TV boxes that transmit sound and images. Mitrix provided a high-level product even faster than expected.

Healthcare data exchange integration


The client needed to integrate the data exchange between its medical equipment and a global medical system via API. Due to miscommunication between the developers’ teams in these two companies, they were not able to finish the project.


Mitrix supplemented the expertise of two companies with its own. Taking the role of mediator, Mitrix helped the companies overcome communication problems and finalize the project. As a result, they successfully completed a project that had stretched on for six months in just one month.

What our partners say

Mike Waldron

Founder, ViaPoint

They’ve consistently and always complete tasks on time. They’re willing to challenge us and use their technical expertise to drive us to the best possible solution. The quality of their code has helped us impress several customers.


Christian Nielsen

CPO, uQualio

MITRIX has managed to find people who match our requirements even for ad hoc work on an hourly basis. They’re already knowledgeable, which cuts down the time necessary to explain how the platform should work. Their team is experienced and understands the app.

Juerg Gubler

ICT Leader, Vivatum

Mitrix has great experience, not only on the programming side but also on our requirements. It was a great support in completing the project.

Andreas Neumann

COO, Use2go GmbH

I like the level of quality development that they provide and how dedicated they are to our project. We’ve been able to acquire new clients and have impressed our investors.

Our representatives

Igar Volan

Business Development Manager

Mila Chekanovskaya

Account Manager

Alex Chebotarevich

Business Development Manager

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FAQ for Cloud Development

The Benefits of Cloud-Native app development

In general, cloud-native app development enables faster application delivery with higher scalability and simpler management. Mitrix Technology employs cloud-native development tools to reduce costs through a variety of microservices, containerization, automation, and DevOps practices.

Cloud-native architecture takes advantage of the distributed, flexible, and scalable nature of the public cloud, which maximizes developers’ focus on writing code, bringing value to your business and keeping your customers happy.

Do you need cloud-native development?

Cloud-native software development was designed to speed up app creation, optimize existing apps, and connect all apps. Opt for cloud-native development services if you need faster release, scalability, ease of management, reduced development costs, reliability, no vendor lock-in, and auto-provisioning.