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Mitrix Technology specializes in scalable and secure medical software development solutions.

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What we offer in Healthcare software development

Expertise in healthcare

Mitrix Technology has many qualified experts with proven experience in developing products and services for the healthcare industry.

Information security

Mitrix Technology experts always care about the information security of their customers and protect them from any threats that require a high level of compliance with healthcare regulations (HIPAA, PHI, GDPR).

Complex medical solutions

Mitrix Technology provides envisioning, planning, designing, developing, deploying, and supporting various medical solutions.

Usability and efficiency

Mitrix Technology engineers take care of UI/UX design in Healthcare software to provide value-driven and easy-to-use products and services.

Mitrix Technology Healthcare software development solutions

Information platforms for medical facilities

EMR and EHR Software Solutions

Room/board management and payment tracking

Mobile Healthcare Applications

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Health Information Exchange Software

Practice management solutions

Medical equipment management systems

How we do it

Requirements Analysis

Our business analysts gather and validate your project requirements.


We deliver a fully functional prototype and come up with the UI/UX.

Delivery Setup

We set up a Continuous Delivery process to receive instant feedback from our customers for any changes.


We transform your requirements and expectations into a full-fledged solution.


We run QA at each project stage to deliver you fault-free software


We keep up the good work with regular updates and new features

Medical software development collaboration

Case studies

A centralized platform for hospitals, medical facilities, and equipment suppliers


The client needed an effective way to manage durable medical equipment (DME) processing between DME suppliers, skilled nursing facilities (SNF), and hospice facilities.


Mitrix Technology created a centralized platform that would simplify medical equipment processing from any location or device and provide medical organizations with data and analytics to lower costs and increase efficiency.

One shared platform to control hospice Medicaid room and board payments


Mitrix Technology has been hired to create Room&Board – one shared platform to process patients’ data (payor source, service days, rates, liability, etc) from hospices and Skilled Nursing Facilities for subsequent billing


The Mitrix team has created a multifunctional shared platform for room/board management communication and payment tracking. Room & Board helps to process patients’ data, develop and test workflows, correct errors, reconcile billing data between the parties (Hospice and SNF).

An app to help medical equipment suppliers manage rental equipment delivery


The customer needed an application that allowed medical facilities to place orders in a timely and accurate manner. Suppliers also needed the system to track delivery, payments, and return of equipment.


Mitrix engineers created Dispatch. It is a module of dme hub that solves many problems associated with delivering equipment from the supplier’s warehouses to specific patients and then returning it. The Dispatch system automates the processes of equipment delivery, return, invoicing, and payment.

Healthcare data exchange integration


The client needed to integrate the data exchange between its medical equipment and a global medical system via API. Due to miscommunication between the developers’ teams in these two companies, they were not able to finish the project.


Mitrix supplemented the expertise of two companies with its own. Taking the role of mediator, Mitrix helped the companies overcome communication problems and finalize the project. As a result, they successfully completed a project that had stretched on for six months in just one month.

What our partners say

Mike Waldron

Founder, ViaPoint

They’ve consistently and always completed tasks on time. They’re willing to challenge us and use their technical expertise to drive us to the best possible solution. The quality of their code has helped us impress several customers.


Christian Nielsen

CPO, uQualio

MITRIX has managed to find people who match our requirements even for ad hoc work on an hourly basis. They’re already knowledgeable, which cuts down the time necessary to explain how the platform should work. Their team is experienced and understands the app.

Juerg Gubler

ICT Leader, Vivatum

Mitrix has great experience, not only on the programming side but also on our requirements. It was a great support in completing the project.

Andreas Neumann

COO, Use2go GmbH

I like the level of quality development that they provide and how dedicated they are to our project. We’ve been able to acquire new clients and have impressed our investors.

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What is healthcare software?

Healthcare software helps healthcare professionals pay more attention to each patient, obtain higher quality medical data to make better and more accurate medical decisions, and share information faster and more securely with other professionals.

What are custom software development services?

Healthcare Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations in the healthcare industry. Custom medical software development is subject to a narrowly defined and specific set of requirements such as HITRUST, HIPAA, FDA, etc.

How do you ensure secure patient and medical data storage?

Mitrix Technology is fully compliant with HIPAA and GDPR information security standards. Our engineers pay attention to ensuring the security of personal information and software protection from external threats and vulnerabilities.

What are the main tasks and advantages of Healthcare apps?

Online payment processing
Patient engagement
Appointment scheduling
Virtual consultations
Remote health monitoring
Quick access to a patient portal