An app to help medical equipment suppliers manage rental equipment delivery

Mitrix Technology engineers developed an application to automate equipment rental management, invoicing, and payment.

An app to help medical equipment suppliers manage rental equipment delivery

The client

In this project, Mitrix Technology’s client was Synapse PDI (USA), a company that performs medical data integration. Synapse PDI connects healthcare organizations, patients, and DME providers. There are two main products: dme hub and the room&board platform.


Mitrix Technology had already worked with Synapse PDI on an earlier project. They created and maintained dme hub, the most reliable DME network in the United States. The platform simplifies medical equipment processing from any location or device and provides medical organizations with data and analytics to lower costs and increase efficiency.

Previously, all orders for medical equipment for hospitals had been input manually, a process that was very time-consuming. Many orders contained errors, while others were lost. Such mistakes led to delays in the delivery of equipment to patients.

Dispatch was created to allow medical facilities to place orders in a timely and accurate manner. Suppliers also needed the system to be able to track delivery, payments, and return of equipment.


Dispatch is a module of dme hub created to help suppliers and hospitals easily manage equipment rentals. The Dispatch system automates the processes of equipment delivery, return, invoicing, and payment.


The delivery driver had to be able to use their tablet as a scanner to recognize QR codes and barcodes from different angles. Previously, barcodes had been entered manually.

In addition, Mitrix was tasked with creating a working version of the product in six weeks.


Dispatch allows the manager of the supplier company to

  • view the orders for equipment on the map,
  • choose a delivery warehouse for specific equipment,
  • determine the driver responsible for the delivery, and
  • create a waybill for the driver.

The delivery driver opens Dispatch on the tablet. They can then view their route for the current day on the map, view a list of destination addresses, and view details on the equipment to be delivered.

Upon arriving at the destination, the driver checks the equipment in by scanning QR codes and bar codes using a special scanning utility. After that, the client must sign the delivery report on the tablet.


Dispatch solved many problems associated with delivering equipment from the supplier’s warehouses to specific patients and then returning it. It also automated the processes of invoicing and payment.

Using the app, a supplier can confirm the status of order instantly. As soon as the order is delivered, the information enters the system and payment begins to be charged. This solution has significantly increased the efficiency of the entire system and reduced the amount of required equipment in warehouses, improving order processing.

In addition, the system offers recommendations on whether it is more profitable to rent or purchase the equipment. For example, if there is a constant need for a wheelchair, then it may be more profitable for the hospital to buy it than to rent it. The system thus allows medical facilities to save money.



Angular and Angularjs,
Angular Material,

Backend web.api,  core, Azure Functions,
Ef and Ef.core,
ms sql

Customer`s voice

MITRIX delivers projects to us on time. We haven’t had any issues with their response time, costs, or efficiency. Overall, their service exceeds our expectations.

Andy Perl SynapsePDI CEO

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