Mitrix Technology Experience in E-Learning Platform Development for Employee Training

Jan 20, 2023

Education software development solutions goes first for engineers at Mitrix Technology. We dedicate a great deal of time and expert resources to developing employee training solutions for various organizations. In the article, we share what employee training platforms look like and how Mitrix Technology engineers succeed at the development of such platforms.

What Is an E-Learning Platform for Employee Training?

E-learning platforms for employee training let businesses set up engaging digital learning environments and keep employee competencies fresh and highly competitive. As a technological solution, the e-learning platform provides course management, progress tracking, and an engaging learning experience.

Our customers switch to online training for multiple reasons, including:

  • Safer training environment;
  • Scalability for any number of employees;
  • Resource-effectiveness, time- and money-wise;
  • Uninterrupted standardized training process;
  • Ecofriendliness.

Companies choose to integrate e-learning solutions to nurture top professionals and stay competitive in dynamically changing markets. There is a huge demand for such software, and the number of developers offering it is growing. Below we will review e-learning solutions for employee training developed by Mitrix Technology.

Internetional e-Learning provider

This is one of the outstanding employee training solutions developed by Mitrix Technology. The client, an international frontline personnel training provider for luxury and premium brands, invited Mitrix Technology to develop an MVP of a new training system for marketing and sales employee onboarding.


The project team at Mitrix Technology encounters two front-end developers (Elm), two back-end developers (Haskell, PostgreSQL), and two invited developers with expertise in the field. From ADCL, a CTO and a project manager are the key points of contact coordinating the collaboration.

Nikita Malenko – a Software Developer at Mitrix Technology with 10+ years of experience and a leading developer behind the project.

In three months of development, the Mitrix Technology team is enabling functionality to let the client:

  • Create new custom courses;
  • Use essential media formats (text, graphics, video, audio, and games);
  • Create individual training plans;
  • Provide employees with a mobile-first experience.

In the first demo version of the app, the project team at Mitrix Technology prioritizes the most profitable and optimal technological solutions, which can be implemented within a tight project schedule.

Another example of employee training software developed by Mitrix Technology is uQualio. Let’s review how the Mitrix Technology team approached a complete redesign of the platform and what uQualio says about collaboration.


uQualio is an e-learning gem in Mitrix Technology’s portfolio. It is a highly secure cloud-based platform that allows businesses to set up cross-device video training for any audience and scale in a single environment. uQualio’s best feature is the opportunity for companies to create micro-learning videos and use gamification to train staff, partners, and customers.

With uQualio, brands can customize learning space to their identity and integrate the platform into other apps. Advanced in-built analytics provide insights into user progress and the comprehensiveness of the courses.

uQualio invited Mitrix Technology team, composed of a front-end developer and a UX designer, to make the flow even more intuitive and engaging and improve user retention rates.

Victor Sholomitskiy – a front-end developer with 5+ years of experience at Mitrix Technology and a lead developer on the uQualio project.

In the beginning, uQualio had the following problems:

  • Users were confused about the main elements;
  • The interface didn’t seem clear and intuitive enough;
  • There were spots of unreadable content;
  • Users found the platform’s overall look messy.

After two years of collaboration, the Mitrix Technology team has implemented a completely new graphic style and visual design and delivered an easy-to-navigate optimal course structure. The new unified look of the platform has made the user journey more transparent and effective in terms of learning.

During the development, the Mitrix Technology team shifted from the old technologies to the new ones, troubleshot long-term issues, standardized the reports, and updated both the user and admin experience. As a result, the uQualio team now spends significantly less time processing support requests and enjoys positive feedback from the audience!


Mitrix Technology offers quality professionals in a short time, and they stick around when we need them. They’re already knowledgeable, which cuts down the time necessary to explain how the platform should work. Their team is experienced and understands the app.

© Christian Nielsen, CPO at uQualio

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Wrapping Up

Companies of any size need effective e-learning solutions to reduce the time and money spent on employee onboarding and training. At Mitrix Technology, we offer perfectly composed teams to tackle individual e-learning challenges. With our front-end, back-end, and UX expertise, we deliver an exceptional e-learning user experience that benefits business performance!

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