E-learning platform redesign and improvements

Mitrix Technology engineers reworked a platform with micro-learning videos to train employees, sales partners and customers.

E-learning platform redesign and improvements

The client

uQualio is an e-learning platform that allows companies to create their own micro-learning videos to train employees, sales partners, and customers. uQualio provides online training on all devices to improve user engagement and retention rates.


uQualio decided to improve the design, usability, and functionality of its online learning app.  The designer and front-end engineer of the Mitrix company have been working on the project for two years.


  • the user misses the main elements
  • it is difficult for the user to navigate the service interface
  • some of the content is unreadable
  • the product lacks uniformity, which makes it difficult to use the service intuitively
  • a large amount of unused space on the product control panel


  • Make the interface intuitive
  • Bring uniformity to all UI elements
  • Improve the functionality of the product according to the customer’s requirements


  • new graphics style and visual design
  • reworked course hierarchy. Navigation has become intuitive; course editing has been simplified.
  • updated home page and admin page
  • a universal component for displaying reports on the platform usage has been created
  • the code refactoring, old technologies are replaced with new ones

In the working process, Mitrix Technology engineers offered their solutions, developed optimal approaches to achieving the best results.


We have finalized the visual elements and identity and made the service as simple and clear to use as possible. The interface has become nice and easy to use. The number of support requests has been significantly reduced, while the number of positive reviews has increased.


Frontend: Angular

Backend: .Net


Customer`s voice

Mitrix Technology find quality people in a short period of time to help us. Their team is experienced and understands the app.

Christian Nielsen, CPO uQualio

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