Personnel online training system development

Mitrix Technlogy has developed the app for online frontline personnel for Au Coeur du Luxe (ACDL) company.

Personnel online training system development


Mitrix worked with the client Au Coeur du Luxe (ACDL), a service that provides online training for frontline personnel who communicate directly with customers. ACDL works in the fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry industries. The company provides educational content on various platforms, including educational games, and allows companies to outsource employee training.



The company decided to develop a new online training system to introduce new employees to the company’s products, current practices, and sales techniques. Initially, the system was created for new employees working directly with customers in marketing and sales, but ACDL also hopes to use it to train existing employees on how to sell new products. In the future, the company would like to use it to train employees in other areas as well.

Although ACDL created the initial system internally, they realized they needed assistance to develop an MVP to demonstrate the capabilities and prospects of the new training system in order to secure funding to continue working on the product.



ACDL asked Mitrix to create an MVP of a new training system for employees that would include the ability to create new custom courses. System parameters will be refined during the development process.

First, we plan to create an MVP of the training system that would contain various media: text, graphics, video, audio, and games. We will also enable functionality that will allow individuals to register in the system, create an individual training plan, and monitor training progress and knowledge gained.

For the MVP, we decided to create a mobile version of the website. The desktop version will be developed later.


To implement the project, ACDL needed qualified developers. The company recruited developers through a professional community on Slack that was dedicated to development in Elm, a product development language.


Four programmers from Mitrix Technology worked on the development of the system: two front-enders and two back-enders. Also, two third-party programmers participated in the project. A CTO and a project manager from ACDL coordinated the work. The team has been working on the project for three months.

During the development process, Mitrix Technology engineers offer the ultimate in profitable and appropriate technological solutions, enabling the required functionality in the shortest possible time. They also help to effectively organize the development process.


The first demo version of the MVP has been developed. Now we are waiting for feedback from the company, approval of the project, and funding to continue working on the product.


Backend: Haskell
Frontend: Elm
DB: PostgreSQL



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