What Are The Advantages Of Single-Page Application?

Jul 19, 2019

Single-page applications are becoming familiar with most organizations because of one good reason, which is, they are fast. When interacting with a SPA, the app does not have to load HTML all the time.

Instead, the pages load dynamically depending on user interaction. SPA tend to give users a better experience because they usually are user-friendly, and the advantage of speed is unbeaten.

While there are several advantages of single-page applications, don’t forget that there are also some drawbacks and you will want to know them. We are going to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of single-page applications.

Advantages of SPA   

As mentioned, SPA provides users with a speeded experience because it takes the shortest time to load. What usually makes applications load for longer is if they need to reload each page’s HTML every time the user is interacting with it. With single-page apps, on the other hand, there are no additional queries to download pages.

The user interface for single-page apps usually is simple and easy to understand. In most cases, the pages and commands are direct to the point since the app loads dynamically. Since the app is also single-paged, very little data is exchanged between the server and the application making the app more seamless for the user.

Bandwidth usage is another factor that app users consider when selecting the right apps to install. Single-page applications use less bandwidth because it does not have to reload full pages. Instead, only small portions of the app need to download. Also, know that the SPA can run entirely on the browser without an internet connection provided that it has initially loaded.

Single-page applications make it easier for applications to introduce themselves. That is because of the limited amount of space due to the restricted number of pages. This comes as a great benefit because users are not prepared to read so much content. The limited amount of space also forces the developers to make the app straightforward so that users don’t have to struggle with navigation while looking for something they need.

Most single-page applications try to make their agenda as straightforward as possible. That is why most of them are designed to provide specific options for users. That cuts out any other kind of user who has no business with the platform. Ideally SPA will filter out any time-wasters from using your platform hence increasing conversion.

From the design and functionality, single-page applications are simple. This makes them affordable to create because they don’t require so many advanced technicalities. Remember that the rate of interaction between the browser and application is low lessening any complexity in the design. Updating the app with new information is also fast and easy, but it is not something that is done continuously as seen with multiple page applications. That is because it will result in slowing the loading time since the new data will force the app to access the servers.

Disadvantages of SPA

The benefits of single-page applications have made even large enterprises apply them to improve their user experience and also boost their profit margins. However, that does not mean that the SPA does not have drawbacks. Some of the disadvantages of single page applications include;

To enjoy a SPA, users need to enable JavaScript. That is because single-page applications usually are developed on JavaScript. That means, other than hiring dedicated developers; you will need to ensure that they are excellent with JavaScript software developers.

When it comes to security, the XSS (cross-site scripting) aspect, single-page applications are less secure. It is, therefore, vital that you avoid keeping or sharing any sensitive data through such a platform. Keep in mind that cybercriminals are always on the lookout for naughty things to do online. By sharing confidential information through a SPA like customers’ details, hackers can quickly gain access to this information and use it for other unlawful thongs by creating a fake profile.

If you always want to update your app with information regularly then, an SPA is the wrong choice for you. Keep in mind that the system is designed in such a way that it does not wholly rely on downloading a page every time the user is interacting with it. Regular updates will not be seamless because they will make your app load slower. That is because it will have to download the new updates every time, and this will make the user experience to be bad.

Single-page applications are prone to navigation problems. That is because the changes implied in the app may fail to be registered. The other issue is that when navigating, for example, by pressing the back button, one may find that nothing happens simply because the app skipped loading a particular page in between. We will have to hire a dedicated team of developers to be able to overcome the navigation issues that arise with single-page apps.

Search engine optimization problems

Search engine optimization is one of the critical factors to consider when doing any business online. However, since single-page apps use JavaScript, web crawlers are unable to break down data and determine what is going on within the application. This makes it difficult for sites that have more app users than web browsers to determine the apparent position of their organization in search engines.


By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of single-page application use, it will be easier for you to make the right choice for the organization in question. Keep in mind that SPAs are as good as the developers hence dedicate more time to finding a good business development software company if you want the best experience. You will, however, want to stay away from developers who propose SPA for everything. That is because some situations will not work with SPA, yet unprofessional developers will want to force the system, and that will have adverse impacts on your business.

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