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Adepts of JavaScript for everything, we are ready to step up to deliver both front-ends and back-ends across platforms.

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    JavaScript Powerhouse at Your Service

    When it comes to JS development, we stick to our time-tested stack, refined over years of building speedy and resilient applications. Across browsers and platforms, these frameworks help our clients dare into new territories with our JavaScript team as expert guides.



    Our choice for JS-based back-ends. This powerful framework helps us create custom APIs as well as cross-platform web and mobile apps with a special focus on real-time data processing.



    One of the most multi-faceted front-end frameworks on Javascript. We put it to good use creating desktop, web and mobile apps as well as SPAs that will surprise you with their speed, scalability and maintainability.



    Perhaps, the fastest JS library in terms of time to market. We leverage reusable components of React.js and React Native to deliver web and native mobile UIs that never fail on users’ expectations.



    Another contender for excellent UIs and cross-platform apps. As we’re into full-stack JavaScript development, we just can’t do without Vue.js when it comes to large-scale, complex SPAs.

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    Home to Your JavaScript Solutions

    Here at Mitrix, we make JavaScript web application development your go-to option if you want to keep your budget and effort reasonably balanced. We leverage a single programming language to meet a variety of tech needs with functional and future-proof solutions. This is our end-to-end services helping to bring these solutions to life both for startups and enterprises:

    Full-cycle JavaScript Web Development

    This is where we come up fully equipped with the tools, skills and knowledge to match your business idea. From SPAs, web portals and complex cross-platform systems with heavy traffic, we are ready to handle the task both on the client- and server-sides.

    JavaScript App Redesign

    Outdated and poorly performing apps have no place in your business. Our JavaScript development company will jump in to upgrade your app and make its UI or backend newly powerful.

    App Porting & Migration to JavaScript

    Recognizing the variety of our clients’ tech challenges, we come to address them with our app migration services using JavaScript and its many frameworks. With this, we’ll give your app a new lease of life keeping the best of your original solution.

    Support & Maintenance

    To round up our JavaScript-specific expertise, we deliver code maintenance, bug fixing and new features — all that’s necessary to ensure your app stays relevant with your audience and performs with no setbacks after its release.

    Why Hire Javascript Developers from Mitrix


    Rich JavaScript toolkit


    Tech consulting included


    Rapid project launch


    Guaranteed on-time delivery


    How to Start Your JS Development with Us

    Start with a basic outline of your needs, and we’ll get to work on your request.
    In response, you’ll get a complete overview of your JavaScript solution-to-be.
    Now move on to set up your team with your selected JavaScript developers from Mitrix.
    With all the preliminary aspects covered, we’re good to go and launch your project in a truly Agile environment.

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