Must-Have Tech Skills to Become a High-Paid Remote Developer

Dec 01, 2021

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a remote software developer working for a US company is around $111,781 per year. Plus the freedom to choose your work hours and where to work, collaborate with people with diverse backgrounds, and get immense professional growth. No wonder you want to work independently.

In this article, we will explore what tech skills are most expected by foreign remote employers.

Source: ZipRecruiter


We’ve selected the top technical competencies that U.S. companies look for in remote developers. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Coding Languages

  • Front-End. The diagram below demonstrates the most in-demand tech skills for front-end developers. JavaScript, CSS, React, HTML, and Angular takes the lead.

Source: CV Compiler


  • Back-end. Here, the most in-demand tech skills for remote backend developers.

Source: CV Compiler


  • Full-stack. JavaScript, React, AWS, Node. js, and Angular are the most in-demand tech skills for full-stack developers.

Source: CV Compiler


According to Analytics Insight, the top 10 highest-paying programming languages for the year ahead are: Go, Scala, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, R, TypeScript, SQL, JAVA, Python, C++. Take a look at the developer salary statistics across the USA:




Source: ZipRecruiter


Source: ZipRecruiter


Source: PayScale






Source: PayScale






Source: ZipRecruiter



As of 2021, the most used libraries and frameworks among developers worldwide are .NET Framework, NumPy, .NET Core/ .NET 5, Pandas, and TensorFlow.

Source: Statista


The most widely used web frameworks are React.js, jQuery, Express, Angular, and Vue.js.

Source: Statista

Data Structures and Algorithms

A highly-skilled developer should understand and know how to apply different data structures. For example, sequences, stacks, structures,  and other.


Software developers must know how to search for particular information, input new lines of data in a table format, and update a system with new materials. It’s also useful to understand how to secure a database and backup data to preserve a company’s information during any unforeseen circumstances.

The most popular database management systems are Orale, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

Source: Statista

Data Analytics

As a web developer, you don’t necessarily need to be well-versed in data analytics, it’s enough to be able to use certain data analytics tools and frameworks. The level of data analytics knowledge required for projects depends on the field you’re working in. But, as data becomes increasingly important in every business sector, be prepared for this topic to come up in interviews.

Jigsaw Academy gives top 10 data science frameworks  in 2021:

  1. TensorFlow
  2. Scikit-learn
  3. Keras
  4. Pandas
  5. Spark MLib
  6. PyTorch
  7. Matplotlib
  8. Numpy
  9. Seaborn
  10. Theano

Source Control Management

The knowledge of source control management helps a team of developers track updates and changes to a program’s coding language. It allows each developer to work on the code separately and merge their efforts into one version, which is important when developers work remotely. SCM systems can generate a list of code revisions and help you restore a language to a previous state if necessary.

The most popular source control tools include the following:

  • Git
  • Perforce Helix Core
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Subversion
  • ClearCase
  • Mercurial
  • Perforce Helix Core
  • Subversion (SVN)
  • ClearCase
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Mercurial

Software Testing Process

Testing involves using a series of digital tools for checking a program’s ability to function on different hardware devices and store confidential information. It may be helpful for a software developer to understand the following fundamental components of software testing before applying to a job position:

  • Unit testing — evaluating individual lines or areas of code to determine if they require modification.
  • Integration testing — determining whether it’s possible to merge different areas of a program’s code successfully.
  • System testing — ensuring a product fulfills user expectations.

It’s important for a software developer to understand the steps of software testing, as testing professionals often communicate critical suggestions for alterations.


A highly-skilled developer needs to know how to address and remove errors in a program’s coding language. It involves running a program through specialized software to observe each error and using problem-solving skills to determine which part of a code caused it to occur. It’s important to learn how to debug software, so you can learn fundamental strategies for removing errors on time.


Software developers often use encryption techniques when they need to prevent external agents from learning information about a product. You should learn two primary types of cryptography — symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

Cloud Platforms

The most popular cloud platforms are AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and Digital Ocean.

Source: Zartis

Keeping cloud infrastructure manageable can be a challenging task. Often, complicated setups can topple over at scale without the right architecture. That’s why a developer should know how to manage cloud through Infrastructure as Code (IaC), which creates an abstraction layer for building out cloud environments through automated scripts. For developers working with complex cloud builds, it could make for simpler management in the long run.


Final Words

As you can see, the demand for remote software developers is growing and it doesn’t take super extraordinary skills to be qualified as a high-paid professional. So what does it take to be hired by one of the top foreign companies as a remote developer?

First of all, having a good command of frameworks, coding languages, data structures & algorithms, databases, data analytics, source control management, software testing process, debugging, cryptography, and cloud platforms. Secondly, you need to have time and energy to look for and communicate with a foreign company to establish effective communication.

If you don’t, Mitrix can help you with that. Its service Mitrix Connect connects developers who are interested in direct cooperation with western employers and acts as developers’ agent helping them to get their dream job.

If you want to find out more about your opportunities, drop us a line.

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