What Is The Definition Of Done In Agile?

Jun 24, 2019

Organizations today much rely on software technology to manage their projects. For any organization to develop the right software, the developers need to consider the opinions of everyone involved.

That is the only way to provide customers with seamless services and quality products.

To define done in agile better, it is a software development process where the developers and the organization contribute to the design. In this write-up, we shall take a deep dive into done in agile and bring out most of the facts that most people are not familiar with.

There is no getting done in agile

Software development in any organization is a continuous process. Remember that as time goes on, so many changes are taking place in the digital world. Without keeping up with these rapid changes, you can be easily put out of business. Since you have customers to satisfy, entrepreneurs know the kind of improvements that their software requires and usually share the ideas with the developers.

After doing so, he or she waits for the final results. It is, therefore, safe to say that the definition of done agile refers to the completion of a small part of a bigger task. That is because, when one problem is solved, there is always another not also forgetting that as developers, there are core responsibilities in the organization. Since the whole process is assessed from time to time, there can also be changes in between.

All fate falls in the hands of your team

For any project to be successfully done in agile, you must have a dedicated developer team. The whole idea of agile is getting your team to complete the tasks at hand while maintaining the core purpose. Unlike delegating duties in a typical organization, agile requires the developers’ team to take full responsibility for the project even if it means dividing the roles into smaller parts and assigning other members of the group.

It’s, therefore, imperative to ensure that you have a capable team that is focused on the same goals as you. Without the right team, your customers are more likely to get dissatisfied because of poor service and product quality.

The boss declares agile definition of done

Software development goes through various stages before it can be ready for use. A developer can have successfully written a special software and is only waiting to test and roll it out. To the developer, the job is practically done even if you ask them; the answer will be, “it’s done”. However, to the boss, the task is not done until it is tested and made available for use. Until the boss gets the final results of the required adjustments, developments, or improvements, then done in agile is not satisfactory.

You don’t need your team; you can outsource

Through a software outsourcing company, you can still get your projects done in agile. It is not a must for you to have a company and a team of developers to keep your customers satisfied. Independent software developers and companies today use the done-in agile philosophy to deliver better services.

That is why most companies create special task force teams to handle the needs of various clients. The team assigned to a specific company or project remains responsible for that particular client all the way through. However, what should be done with the software is a decision made by the client after considering his or her options.

Excellent communication boosts productivity in any organization

Since the team is going to be working together to finish the task at hand, DoD champions better communication in any organization. This is what makes it different from delegation because, when you delegate work to a single employee, and he or she is capable, they don’t have any reason to get in touch with other employees.

As for DoD, everyone’s contribution is required since everyone is expected to be conversant with the software. This champions custom web development that is solid and efficient.

DoD in agile is a learned skill

To implement DoD best practices, you need to have the right agile team leader skills. So many employers and entrepreneurs don’t get the difference between leading an agile team and ordinary employees. Since you might be working with a team that you have outsourced, remember that your authority may not be as strong towards them because you are not their direct employer. However, with the right agile leadership skills, you can transform your outsourced team to become better without needing to exercise your powers.

It is easier to achieve both long-term and short-term goals

Leading an agile team should be a good sign that you are headed in the right direction. That is because, from the definition of done examples, a single organization can have hundreds of complete tasks in software development yet still be up every day to ensure that the overall performance of the software is exceptional.

Short-term goals in agile are approached through scrum, which is the combination of all the factors and experiences affecting the expected end product. From the agile definition of the sprint, you can already see that an agile team is naturally focused on both long and short-term software development goals and any other unexpected occurrences in between.

Bottom line

Taking to account the various definitions of done examples that you will come across online, you will come to realize that most organizations are implementing this practice without even realizing it. It is also safe to say that when it comes to heading an agile software development team, you need to be well prepared to avoid wasting time in between getting to success. Questions like what is the definition of, among other facts, need to be outlined even before you meet your dream team of developers. It shouldn’t go without mentioning that customer satisfaction is easier when you have an agile team. That’s one section of ensuring that you develop the right platform because someone will be busy collecting data from your customers.

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