How a developer can get a better job with Mitrix Connect

Apr 28, 2022

Are you an experienced developer who is seeking opportunities for professional and personal growth? The world’s top IT companies are constantly searching for talented full-time developers. Google, Apple, or Microsoft may be looking for someone just like you right now.

Have you ever thought about becoming a remote contractor for a globally recognized company?

Working directly with an employer offers many benefits:

  • First, you will gain the opportunity to grow professionally by working for industry giants and can choose among interesting projects in fast-growing areas.
  • Second, you are not bound by a tight schedule; your working hours are extremely flexible. You only need to be available for occasional online meetings.
  • Third, you avoid double management and deal directly with your employer.
  • Finally, you get all the money paid by the employer.

There are many clear advantages to remote work, but there is also a tremendous amount of competition for desirable vacancies. Even if you have an excellent CV and a portfolio that includes complex projects, searching for a remote contract on your own can be incredibly time intensive and difficult.

Luckily, we’ve found a way to make it easier. Mitrix Connect is a service designed to match experienced developers with great companies.

Mitrix Connect finds you the job of your dreams but does not interfere in the working process. After you are matched with a project that will boost your professional growth, you’ll sign a contract directly with the employer. Mitrix Connect takes care of all the busywork while you earn money and gain unique experience.

In sum, you can find a job at a top-tier company that will pay you directly as a remote contractor.

What Mitrix Connect does

  • Invites developers who are interested in working directly with a Western employer. Mitrix attracts a wide pool of professionals in different frameworks who wish to work independently in the international market.
  • Monitors relevant offers in professional online communities using its own app Leadguru. Contacts employers and sends them resumes of developers that fit the requests.

The vetting process is very simple:

  • Application review
  • Short English language check
  • Live interview

Mitrix Connect acts in the developer’s interests by organizing interviews and providing consulting services for developers. After signing a contract with an employer, the developer will be charged a small percentage of their salary each month for the service. The contract with Mitrix Connect can be canceled at any time for a specified one-time fee.


  • Monitoring professional online communities in Slack and other platforms, Mitrix has immediate access to vacancies that are not available to a broad audience. Developers get the best jobs for their expertise and command the highest rates.
  • Reaches out to employers directly and specifies requirements, saving developers’ time.
  • Works with reliable employers.
  • Acts as developers’ agent, helping them succeed in interviews and assisting with legal paperwork.
  • Developers are paid the full amount from the employer.
  • A small service fee is charged from the salary received.


  • A developer may receive the best vacancy for them after they have already engaged with another project.

By cooperating with Mitrix Connect, you can significantly expand your professional horizons and get better jobs without risk. Apply now and we will start tracking the vacancies that match your expertise.

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