Leadguru – An Automated Lead Generation and Social Selling Platform

Mitrix Technology engineers created an application to market their services for outsourcing software development.

Leadguru – An Automated Lead Generation and Social Selling Platform

The client

This time, Mitrix Technology became its own client. Leadguru is an internal product of Mitrix Technology.


To actively develop as a company, Mitrix Technology needed to attract new customers, as traditional recruitment methods had not yielded the desired results. Previously, Mitrix founder Dmitry Blyschyk had discovered that professional communities in Slack were a very good source of potential customers. When the company started working with these communities, it became clear that many search processes could be automated. Thus, the company began to develop ​​Leadguru, an application that would monitor professional online communities and find relevant messages, as well as provide an opportunity to contact their authors.


Initially, Mitrix Technology created the application for internal use.

Leadguru needed to monitor connected online communities in Slack. The task was to create an algorithm that would find and display all messages that expressed an interest in hiring developers. Using this algorithm, Mitrix Technology planned to look for potential leads for software development. In addition, it was necessary to ensure the possibility of communication with the author of each message.



One of the main difficulties was connecting online communities to Leadguru for monitoring. The engineers needed to develop and fine-tune an algorithm that would find relevant messages. In addition, it was necessary to collect and verify information about the messages’ authors. For this purpose, Mitrix engineers created the function of finding a user profile on LinkedIn.

There was also a need to create an internal CRM for lead communication tracking. A follow-up and reminder system was developed as well.


Active development of the application began in 2020. The company constantly used the application to find clients for software development outsourcing. The functionality of Leadguru is constantly being supplemented and improved.

In 2021, CEO decided to develop Leadguru as a commercial product and bring it to the market. Mitrix Technology invited other companies to test the application and participate in product research.



A number of ideas arose and were implemented in the process of working on the application.

For example, these features were added:

  • Algorithm to find leads for HR companies and departments
  • Templates for chat messages
  • Keeps leads’ messages and communication history
  • Reminds users to contact a lead on the scheduled date
  • Advanced analytics for a connected workspace
  • Advanced lead filtering by tag, location, and technology
  • Option to export data to CRM
  • Ability to find and contact any user from the connected workspaces
  • Help desk functionality

Read about all of Leadguru’s features here.


As of 2022, Mitrix Technology has nearly completed the working version of Leadguru and plans to actively bring the product to the market to attract users. An algorithm is being developed to search for leads for product companies.


Frontend: Angular
Backend:   Python, .Net, MongoDB, Postgres, GCP

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