App for structuring and processing information for Israeli courts

Mitrix Technology engineers helped to develop a full-functional application that manages documents of numerous Israeli courts.

App for structuring and processing information for Israeli courts


Mitrix Technology’s client was CreativeIT, a Lithuanian IT company. CreativeIT had been developing an application for an Israeli startup to assist with structuring and processing information from numerous local courts. They needed to create a fully functional application that could properly display and manage information about trials while also preserving access to the old application.

Previously, CreativeIt had worked with third-party developers, but they had failed to comply with the deadline, completing only a part of the application. Because they had worked with Mitrix Technology in the past and experienced great results, they decided to partner with us again for this project. They were again completely satisfied with our quality of work and deadline compliance.


Because the previous contractor had already developed part of the application, we already had a general concept of the purpose of the application and knew what needed to be done next. We needed to recruit engineers to develop a front-end portion of the application.


Mitrix Technology engineers added the following functionality:

  • quick navigation of the existing database of cases,
  • the ability to add new cases,
  • the ability to quickly search completed lawsuits,
  • the ability to view the content of attached documents,
  • the ability to follow the schedule of trials,
  • the ability to maintain a planner of upcoming trials, and
  • the ability to track editing of existing scheduled events.

Mitrix Technology also helped CreativeIT choose the code library and develop the application’s structure.


With Mitrix Technology’s help, CreativeIT has launched the first release of its application, which has received positive feedback from its clients.

We will continue providing support to CreativeIT  to help them successfully maintain the high quality of their services.



 HTML, scss, e2e testing, cucumber, nx, nps, angular 13, sincfusion

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