We take JavaScript’s most versatile environment to build superfast, scalable back-ends for both web and mobile apps.

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    Node.js Development in Detail

    Among specialized Node.js companies, Mitrix is the one combining its love for brisk JavaScript development with deep expertise in web and mobile back-ends. Node.js is a power bank of our tech stack, helping us deliver these solutions:


    API Development

    APIs are the heart of modern apps, so if you’re up for one, Node.js is your choice. We’ll bridge your client- and server-sides with custom RESTful APIs to give your app a functional boost.


    Cross-platform Web and Mobile apps

    Node.js is a show stopper when it comes to advanced web and mobile apps. We turn to this run-time environment to build data-heavy yet feather-light products that run equally well on any platform.


    Real-time Data Management Apps

    Node.js is ideal for handling thousands of concurrent operations. We keep that in mind to deliver ample real-time apps: think messengers, media streaming, social networks, and games.


    Back-end and CMS Development

    We make the best of Node.js’ data management superpowers to create fast and resilient back-ends, including admin dashboards and CMSs.


    Express.js Development

    As true Node.js fans, we put the Express.js framework in the center. With its help, we can build all the essentials of your web app, from APIs to functional features – faster and more efficiently.


    Plugins and Extensions

    When it’s time to enrich your app with new features, we’ll fall on Node.js to build plugins and add-ons. These are sure to be easily connectable and fail-proof in operation.

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    Why Choose Node.js for Web Development?

    Mitrix has long taken Node.js onboard for projects large and small, to serve both enterprise and startups needs. The likes of Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn and Uber are happy to build their web apps with Node.js due to a whole lot of its outstanding features:


    • With Node.js, it takes essentially only one language to carry out both client-side and server-side development consistently.

    • Node.js beats many other development tools in terms of scalability and memory-efficiency thanks to its asynchronous programming.

    • Famously a platform-agnostic environment, Node.js runs across Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and more.

    • Thanks to its package manager, Node.js makes it faster for programmers to go about sharing and managing this environment’s libraries.

    • Its built-in functional modules, libraries and frameworks make Node.js a first choice for those looking to release their web apps quicker.

    Why Mitrix?


    JavaScript evangelists


    Agile-driven collaboration


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    How to Hire Node.js Developers at Mitrix

    At Mitrix, there’s no stress of finding your right match for a Node.js application development project. Follow these four easy steps to get started:

    Reach out
    Once we get your initial request, we’ll assign you tech consultants to come up with the solution to match your exact challenge.
    Interview your team
    At Mitrix, you’re free to pick only those team members who feel 100% compatible with the project.
    Shape your project
    We’ll guide you through the business analysis phase to discover your requirements and align with your expectations.
    Kick it off
    Now when all’s set, get ready to review and accept our deliverables, sprint after sprint.

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