An all-in-one online platform to help brokers sell and manage tickets

A case study from Mitrix Technology engineers about developing an advanced ticketing app.

An all-in-one online platform to help brokers sell and manage tickets

The client

Mitrix Technology’s client is TicketVault LLC, a ticketing platform that manages tickets for numerous events.


Initially, Mitrix engineers helped TicketVault develop a Windows application for selling tickets and keeping records. The company used this application to sell tickets.


TicketVault supposed that similar functionality could be useful to other companies.

Thus, Mitrix engineers were hired to create a multi-user SaaS application for managing ticket sales with functionality like that of a Windows application.


Ticket brokers need to see a wide range of data at once. Mitrix engineers needed to ensure that brokers could view tens of thousands of tickets on one page and carry out the necessary operations to manage them. Therefore, there was a lot that needed to be done to set up the UI.

Brokers also need an advanced reporting system. They needed to be able to generate ready-made documents for tax purposes, documents for purchases, sales, profits, etc.


After Mitrix Technology transferred the application from Windows to the web, it turned out that there were a number of discrepancies in the calculations between versions. Therefore, the engineers had to carefully double-check everything so that there were no errors. All calculations for all operations in Windows and web versions had to be accurate and consistent.

During Covid, TicketVault’s team was downsized and their work slowed down. After Covid lockdown ended and the market recovered, the platform’s revenue increased fivefold.


Mitrix engineers developed a single online platform to help ticket brokers sell and manage tickets. The platform works with different ticketing platforms, such as StubHub and Ticketmaster. Data from these platforms is exported to the TicketVault system, through which tickets are sold and delivered to customers. The platform takes a percentage of sales from the ticket broker.

Mitrix engineers developed an autopricer for the platform through which brokers can set different price change algorithms depending on demand, sections, time, and platform. We constantly monitor ticket prices on various platforms and make these changes to TicketVault.


The web version of TicketVault has a great deal of added functionality in comparison with the desktop version. A broker is now able to manage hundreds of thousands of tickets per day. The system is working well, constantly improving and expanding.

The platform utilizes scrappers that visit different platforms, download information on all tickets sold, and store it in TicketVault. This allows users to create statistical reports on sales for certain events. Mitrix is currently finalizing and optimizing this feature, as such information is very useful to brokers.


Frontend: Angular

Backend: .net, .net core

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