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We help developers find a direct remote job abroad. Are you an experienced developer who is seeking professional and personal growth? Google, Apple, or Microsoft may be waiting for you to join their next project.

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What we do

Recruit developers and form a pool of professionals

Monitor offers for hiring remote developers

Send CVs to employers according to their requests

Help developers prepare for interviews

Organize interviews between employers and candidates

Provide consulting services

Benefits of being a remote developer

You choose the company and project you wish to work on

You deal only with your employer, avoiding double management

Your work time will be extremely flexible

You get a desirable job without endlessly searching

vetting process

Application review

Short English test

Live interview

Tech interview

FAQ for Developers

How are you different from outstaffing companies?

With Mitrix, the developer enters directly into a contract with the employer and is fully responsible for the work performed. Mitrix simply matches an employer with a developer and provides consulting services.

What is the Mitrix Technology advantage?

Software engineers receive full payment according to the rate set by the employing company. Developers don’t have to deal with any excessive management or hidden fees. They receive all of the benefits provided by their employer.

What kind of developer jobs do you offer?

We offer an extensive range of remote vacancies, where developers may choose a company and a project to work for. Mitrix Technology works with all kinds of engineers, offering jobs in web development, java development, iOS and android development, and much more.

What skills do you need to work as a remote software developer?

Job listings for developers require different skills, depending on the exact position. The programming languages with the highest demand are Python, Javascript, React, Node, Ruby, and C++, according to the best job search sites for software developers.

How does Mitrix Technology find employers?

We use our proprietary software, Leadguru, an automated social selling platform that finds vacancies for developers in professional communities. We contact employers who have posted vacancies, clarify the details of each position, and send resumes of appropriate candidates.

How much do your services cost?

A developer will be charged a fixed percentage of their salary monthly.
Alternatively, developers who wish to continue working directly with a client can pay a fixed fee and terminate their agreement with Mitrix.

What is it like to work remotely as a software developer?

Remote work of the developer allows an engineer to have a flexible work schedule. They are free to choose their working hours and location. What’s more, remote jobs save money on commuting.

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