Dedicated Developers for Your Team

Mitrix is focused on providing dedicated developers with mature expertise and spotless professionalism, ready to join your project and speed up your business. So that you can run your projects hassle-free while we do the heavy lifting.

We Make It Easier

With our dedicated development team in tow, you’ll get to know why industry leaders choose this cooperation model over any other.
  • No staffing risks

    No wrong hires
    No talent churn
    No paid-time-off losses
  • No overheads

    No recruitment and orientation costs
    No costs of managing in-house resources
    No procurement needed
  • No HR issues

    No employee adaptation lags
    No lack of skill and experience
    No under- or overstaffing

Take Your Dedicated Team On Board

We offer you to hire dedicated developers on two flexible DDC modes to start your team from the ground up or hand-pick as many members as you’re lacking on your project. In both modes, no matter what kind of team you need, should it be web dedicated developers or mobile ones we make sure you get the best possible fit with your culture.

Full-service Teams

Tap into our multidisciplinary talents to build up your full project skillset – from business analysis and design to development, testing and project management.

Team Augmentation

We have diverse professionals for you to pick the ones with specialized competencies and augment your in-house team.

From On-premises to the Cloud

Our .NET development teams expertly juggle the full stack of Microsoft products and technologies. This all-round expertise is necessary to provide you with the complete range of deployment options, from good old on-premise solutions to the ones hosted on hybrid clouds.
  • We build mature and well-balanced teams of senior (7+ years of experience ) and middle developers.

  • We’ll keep your workflows intact, becoming a fully integrated part of your company.

  • We provide regular status reports and transparent time logging with free access to our tracking system.

  • We act as a fully responsible vendor with high-level obligations during and after the project.

  • We keep all our professionals in-house, so you can scale up and down easily.

  • We guarantee time-efficient knowledge transfer at our expense should our employee leave your project for any reason.

  • We have enough resources to collaborate on multiple projects at a time if the need arises.

  • We are well-trained to work within different industries such as Healthcare, FinTech, eLearning, and more.

Expertise Is Priceless

  1. Best practices

    With a portfolio like ours, no project can take us by surprise any longer. We bring in years of field practice to reach your quality goals and cut time to market thanks to our proven approaches.

  2. Domain knowledge

    In each project, we prioritize industry-specific requirements. This is how we deliver solutions that respond to our clients’ real-life challenges.

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