Angular Development

We don’t just fiddle with Angular. We make it central for creating stunning web and mobile UIs.

Our Angular Developers Go Full Round

Backed by Google, Angular has been in our portfolio since day one. It is our top choice for front-end development because of its convenience, scalability and truly impressive performance. Whenever we go for it, we never see it missing the mark.
As an expert Angular development company, we apply the framework skillfully for a whole range of projects:
  • Web Apps

    We build powerful front-ends for cross-platform apps that show their splendor on both web and native desktop.

  • Single Page Applications

    We craft SPAs with gobsmaking user experiences in mind, putting Angular to its most practical and efficient use as an advanced JavaScript framework.

  • Mobile Apps

    We use a range of handy tools and frameworks like NativeScript to build mobile web and native mobile apps with a shared codebase for more efficiency.

  • Migration & Porting

    We take your legacy AngularJS and Angular 2+ apps to the tech forefront by migrating them to the framework’s latest versions or porting them to a stronger platform.

  • API Development

    We bring out our long-standing back-end development expertise to develop and connect APIs that work seamlessly with Angular-based front-ends.

  • Maintenance & Support

    We can either wrap up Angular development projects with these services, or deliver stand-alone maintenance and support to keep your Angular apps shining at all times.

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Why Angular Is a No-Brainer for Your Project

Speedy, productive, and cross-platform, Angular is all you can wish for in front-end development. Companies using Angular, Mitrix included, choose this framework for unbeatable functionality and versatility. See for yourself:
  • A range of UI libraries, reusable tools, declarative templates and code samples to pick

  • Code reusability for efficient cross-platform app development

  • Ideal for collaboration between teams of developers

  • Smashing capacity for scalability

  • Ultimate speed – the most you can demand from an app

  • Superb maintainability to enable bug fixing earlier in the development process

  • ERP and CRM systems

  • Transparent versioning so that you can always plan and prepare for the future

Why Hire Angular Developers from Mitrix?


    We can ramp up your Angular developer team in less than a week


    We consult and personalize to your requirements


    We ensure fully transparent cooperation


    We always deliver on time and your expectations

Kick Off Angular Development in 1, 2, 3

We strongly believe that our approach, expertise and dedication make us your perfect Angular development partner. Here is how we can get started in almost no time:
  1. Drop us a line

    It all starts with just your request in our mailbox, and in less than 12 hours we’ll get back to discuss the details.

  2. Pick your Angular developers

    Through CV reviews, test tasks and interviews, we make sure your project and our team is a match made in heaven.

  3. Watch us in action

    We’ll study your project documentation and review the code before getting down to our Angular wizardry.

  4. Stay in the loop

    We’ll keep up clear communication and status reporting throughout the project while bringing your Angular UI to life.

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